Ambiguity gives you a choice


Sometimes I’m in a car, there’s a lane which ends and merges with the lane beside it. Because everyone knows how this game goes, everyone gets into the lane which continues nice and early. But inevitably, someone comes screaming up behind us in the lane which cuts off and merges into the line at the last second, instead of waiting their turn.

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One of the strange, little-understood rules of personal improvement: an inch at a time is enough. You don’t have to move all at once. You don’t ever have to make a big move at all.

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The source of violent protest


I support the Black Lives Matter protests currently sweeping the world. I don’t support violence or looting, and neither does anyone I know. But I understand where it’s coming from.

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Turbulent times


In these turbulent times, remember to power pose. Seriously: when it feels hopeless that you can have any impact at all, it helps clean up stress chemicals and reinforce your confidence. Power pose, exercise, and get outside when you can. Be safe. We’ll get through it.

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Negative reinforcement


When I was a kid, I had low self-esteem and low self-confidence. My dad noticed, and especially noticed that these problems manifested physically as slumped shoulders.

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Go for it


Sometimes you just need to accept that it might not work, and go for it anyway.

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Get used to it


There are very few things, in the grand scheme of things, that you can’t get used to if you set your mind to it. But don’t take that truth to mean that you should just accept the things that need to change.

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You are your own best resource


If you were giving advice to someone with your problems, what would you tell them to do? I know this can be a frustrating exercise, but give it a shot. What would you say if they came back with the same reasons that you have for why it won’t work? Give the advice to a stuffed animal or a cartoon character or a picture of yourself. Say it out loud. Outline your advice exactly, collect your excuses and figure out what advice you’d give about getting around them. Maybe you’ll learn someting.

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