Guide to change


I had an argument with a guy the other day. We were talking about rebuilding something big. He said we should start by tackling all the big, important stuff that everyone relies on. I told him that would never fly. I don’t even have to know anything about the thing we’re rebuilding to know that. It’s got nothing to do with the thing we’re changing, it’s a principle of change itself. Ripping out the foundation is almost never the right place to start.

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Philosophizing on kittens


There are two litters of kittens across the hallway from me right now. I’ve watched them grow from tiny little kitten nuggets who can’t even open their eyes, as they’ve learned to see, toddle, walk, run, play, hunt, climb and explore. These little fluffballs will poke their heads into anything. They’ll sneak up on a creature twenty times their size and sink their claws in just to see what will happen next. Learning what comes next is more important to them than any consequences they might have to deal with.

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The body remembers


There are things you understand so deeply that you’ll never have to re-learn them, no matter how long you go without using them.

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There’s that famous quote, “What gets measured gets managed.” There’s a lot of truth to that, especially as a leader.

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Another tomorrow


Some days you just do what you have to do to get to tomorrow. Do or say anything to or for yourself or others and make it all the way through to bedtime, and then you can sleep. Tomorrow will be different.

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Sample size


Once could be a coincidence. Twice is not a sure thing. Three times you can be pretty sure. Four times is damning.

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One person


I don’t have any deep insights today, but wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I hope it’s going okay. I’m rooting for you. If I can help, reach out.

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The breakdown of trust


The breakdown of trust has been a terrible thing to watch. You see it in conspiracy theories and everywhere on the internet and aimed at virtually every kind of media and now everyone’s pointing it at each other. Nobody trusts anybody, and not surprisingly the result is chaos. And it’s mostly the internet’s fault.

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