Help someone else


Who can you help raise up today? Who can you help be more than they are? Who needs help that you are in a position to give?

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When someone asks you to do something and you say “I can’t,” what you actually mean is that it’s not your top priority. But you sound like a jerk if you say “No, that’s much less important than what I was already doing.” When you say “I can’t,” they get the benefit of not having to think you’re just blowing them off, and you get the benefit of setting your own priorities. It’s the perfect little social nicety.

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The magic word


Strange but true: people love having a reason for what they do. Strangers will be more likely to do what you ask if you give them a reason - any reason, even if the reason makes no sense at all.

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It's a marathon, not a sprint


Where do you feel like you are compared to where you were a year ago? As a person, have you made strides? Are you getting better, even if it’s slowly?

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Attitudes toward time


Be optimistic about the future, and realistic about the present. Learn from the past, and then forget about it.

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Perfect helpless clarity


When I was 16 I did a bungee jump. I’m terrified of heights so I’m surprised I was actually able to do it. My body locked up when I got close to the edge, but I managed to inch up to it, spread my arms wide and hesitantly jump/fall off.

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Imagine being in total harmony with yourself. Your conscious and subconscious completely in alignment with each other. Your body and mind firing on all cylinders. Your actions perfectly in line with your values. The best version of yourself.

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Needs improvement


When you see something that’s bad and needs to be improved, you might be right. Then again, you might be wrong. Maybe it’s fine the way it is.

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Out of nowhere


When it finally comes, success might come for you out of nowhere. It might be the angle you least expected. Keep your eyes open, keep your options open and keep learning. You never know.

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