Creating, editing and judging


Recently someone told me that they admired my ability to consider and propose new ideas. I explained that it doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s a side effect of something I deliberately practiced, and I’m still feeling the benefits.

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Be more ambitious


If you’re not at least a little afraid that people will laugh at your goals, consider taking it up a notch.

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Many decisions made correctly


What makes a great product great is hundreds of tiny decisions made correctly. Each of those decisions says a lot about the people who worked on it - what they thought was important, and what wasn’t.

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Love and hatred


They say that if you make something and nobody hates it, it can never be great. That if people are going to love something, it has to be polarizing.

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What should you control?


The stoic philosopher Epictetus made the deceptively simple observation that some things are under your control, and some things are not. His advice is to ignore the things that are not under your control, and that’s great advice.

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