You don’t have to have thoughts nobody has ever had before. You don’t have to make connections nobody’s ever made. You don’t have to say or do things better than anyone’s ever said or done them.

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Unique contribution


You’re uniquely positioned to make a contribution. What contribution? A contribution to what? How should I know? You’re the one who’s uniquely positioned for it. Do what you’re best at. Do what’s important to you. Try something out. Doing the wrong thing isn’t nearly as costly as doing nothing.

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Fear of failure


I admit it. I’m so afraid of failing it hurts. I’m so afraid I can’t even let myself start. Not anymore. Not again.

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New strategies


Think of something you tried where you didn’t get the results you wanted. Have you tried googling for advice? What are the three basic strategies people use? What are the most common mistakes beginners make, and how do people overcome them?

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Presence dogma


Don’t worry too much about the past or the future. Live in the now. Right? That’s what they say.

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They don't care


I don’t give a damn if people think I’m right anymore. It used to be important to me to feel right. Now I can let things go before I’ve even picked them up.

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Back to basics


When all else fails, get the simple stuff right first. Eat right, drink water, light exercise, get enough sleep. Be honest: do you get those things right, even when all else isn’t failing?

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Stick with it


If it was easy, someone would have solved it already. It’s okay for it to feel difficult. As long as you stick with it anyway.

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