The altruistic self-advocate


I did an internship once at a company I liked. They liked me too, so they asked me to skip my next term of school to come back and work there for another few months.

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You don't have to kill it


Seth Godin, the patron saint of daily blogging, once pointed out that he’s written over 7,000 posts and not once has it been the thing everyone was talking about that day. His posts simply don’t go viral. He’s okay with that, because that’s not what they’re for. They’re for his audience, not for everyone. The value to his audience is in his consistent willingness to share. The value doesn’t explode, it builds up over time.

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It's easy to forget


The people around you are fully functioning humans. Their inner life is just as rich and vibrant as yours. They have just as many problems, difficult emotions, ideas, dreams, ambitions, stressors and worries as you do.

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Don't trust your certainty


Uncertainty is so common in human beings that if you don’t feel it, that can be a useful indicator that something isn’t quite right.

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No idea


Most people, most of the time, have no idea what they’re doing.

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Try something that obviously won't work


If obvious solutions aren’t working, you might need to try something unusual. Maybe you need to (temporarily) move further away from your goal to find the path that will lead you there.

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Meditate when it's hard


Some people think they need a particular setting to meditate properly. They need absolute silence, or calming music. If anything unexpected happens, it breaks them out immediately.

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