It won't be easy


Nobody said it would be easy, and if they did they were lying. There are a thousand forces in the world encouraging you to fail. 99% of them are inside your own head.

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The easiest person to fool


Richard Feynman said that the first principle is that you must fool yourself, and you are the easiest person for you to fool.

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Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect isn’t the standard and it should never be. But practice sure as hell helps.

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Too many good options


Everyone knows the feeling of having too many good options. It can be paralyzing, and it can kill all forward progress on any of them. Seven good ideas! Wow! That’s enough to work on a different idea every day of the week.

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The long game


Sometimes progress happens by pushing harder than you’ve ever pushed before.

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Take me or leave me


I used to be a take-me-or-leave-me kind of person. I stood boldly and said “Here I am, world! This is me and I don’t care what you think. You can take me as I am or just forget it.”

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You can meditate right now


You can still meditate if you’re angry, frustrated, sad, excited, or energetic. You can meditate when it’s loud or quiet, whether someone interrupts you or not. You can meditate in public or private.

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The balance


Life is a challenging balance between wanting to have enough, and wanting to have more.

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