Your own rules


Many, many publishers said no to Harry Potter. Sylvester Stallone had to fight tooth and nail to get Rocky made. Some jerk told Elvis Presley early in his career that he’d be better off driving trucks.

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Writing for no audience


It’s interesting writing this blog with no real plan for or expectation of an audience at any point. What am I supposed to write about? What qualifies as a good post, or a bad one? Are there things I should be writing more about, or less? The audience is entirely removed from the feedback loop.

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Neil Gaiman and constructive boredom


Neil Gaiman uses a rule when he’s writing. When it’s time to write, he sits down with a pen and paper - he writes his first drafts by hand, with a fountain pen, because he’s a goddamn boss.

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Fix something


Don’t just stand there. There’s stuff wrong in your life. Fix something. Pick something that will take 5-10 minutes and do it now.

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Ghreiln: The body's second-biggest asshole


Your body produces a hormone called Ghrelin. Ghrelin is related to your circadian cycle and you experience its release as a feeling of hunger. It’s a hormone that tells you it’s time to eat.

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100 things


There was a brief time when it was fasionable for online publications to write big lists of things everyone should do in their life. It was hard to tell whether these lists were the aspirations of the writers themselves, or things they had done themselves and actually enjoyed. It seemed like it might have been just poor and desperate writers jumping on a trend, writing down whatever they could think of to make their deadline for one more week.

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