Professoinal frustration


I’m working on a project right now which is very frustrating. I sometimes joke that the real trick behind writing software is the willingness to be frustrated for a living.

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The craziness spectrum


I took a psychology class in which the professor suggested that there was a craziness spectrum (my words, not his).

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Things which have to be done eventually


Some things never have to be done. In those cases, putting the thing off can be productive. It lets you put your enregy somewhere more important right now, and eventually the thing will disappear on its own. A pure win!

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Today I’m grateful to have a hammock I can lie in. I love gently rocking while I listen to the wind through the leaves.

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Tracer bullets


Tracer bullets are regular bullets spiked with magnesium, so that they burn hot and white so you can see them in the dark. If it’s dark and you’re shooting at something, you can’t see where your bullets are going, so you mix in some tracer bullets. They help you see where you’re pointed, so you can adjust your aim and get pointed in the right direction.

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A milestone


I’m approaching a milestone on this blog - 100 posts published. (Or rather, it was approaching when I drafted this post - it has passed, now that it’s been published)

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Tricking your brain


You might have to trick your brain and body into being different. But that’s okay, your brain and body are super easy to trick.

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