Expertise is overrated. Don’t underestimate the impact that your diverse life experience can have on a new field.

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Take it easy


Maybe today is a good day to take it easy on yourself. We all need a day now and then to rejuvenate. Take some deep breaths, and do something you love. Try something new. Or just sit and be lazy. Go easy.

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Something small, that works


There’s a quote I like. I don’t remember where I heard it, unfortunately, or I’d give credit. I also can’t find attribution online, probably because I’ve got the wording wrong, but it’s important so here it is anyway.

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The starting assumption


At a job where I learned many valuable things, undoubtedly one of the most valuable things I learned is that it’s always best to assume that no matter what happened, everyone involved was competent and meant well.

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Morning routine


Turn off your alarm, then turn off your phone. Get out of bed and stretch. Stretch thoroughly. Get every muscle in your body. Stretch big and wide. Go ahead and take up some extra space. Start showing the day who’s boss.

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Singular virtue


The Stoic philosopher Seneca believed that virtue is singular. In his opinion, all the different things we might consider virtues - kindness, temperance, integrity, and so on - are really aspects of the same thing. In any situation, you can act with virtue, or you can not, and those are the only two options.

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No really


It’s all going to be okay. All right? It will work out.

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