Frustrated and annoyed


Frustrated and unhappy are not the same thing. Annoyed and unhappy are not the same thing. You can experience many negative emotions which don’t add up to unhappiness.

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Prepared but not paranoid


Things don’t happen as often as it feels like they happen. Most of the time, when it seems like something is going to happen, instead, nothing happens. Or at least something totally different happens. You might imagine a thousand different disasters a day, but it’s highly unlikely any of them will actually take place in the real world.

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Common sense


I’ve been stress eating so badly recently that I hired someone to give me advice about my stress eating.

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Fantasies which lead you to take action are a wonderful use of your time. Fantasies which discourage you or convince you something is true when it’s not can ruin your life. Don’t confuse the two.

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The bright side


A minor disaster is an opportunity to be glad that things did not go worse. It’s also an opportunity to find some advantage hidden in plain sight. How is this a good thing?

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Gratitude in the present tense


Quarantine and lockdown have been hard for me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have things that hard. Lots of people have it harder than I do. But it’s still been hard. Their pain doesn’t invalidate mine.

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Treat yourself


Fuck it, just treat yourself. But not to some bullshit you’ll regret (or not even remember) two days from now. How often do you treat yourself to something which will enrich your life? Something you want, but are afraid of? Go for that instead.

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Artificial learning


The most sophisticated AIs in the world start out by making random guesses. But they guess with confidence, learn from their mistakes, and never take it personally when it turns out they’re wrong.

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The basics


In my favourite guide on how to start taking better care of your home, which I have yet to successfully implement, they give one tip which I love: whatever you do, no matter how hard it gets, do not stop doing the dishes. Clean the kitchen every day no matter what. Pull back on everything else if you have to.

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Deep breathing


Deep breathing is relaxing because it’s the opposite of something being wrong. When something is wrong, your breathing speeds up so you have the oxygen to deal with it. Long, deep breaths are something you only do when you’re relaxed.

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