I used to be a dyed-in-the-wool cynic. I guess deep down I still am, but I try to be better.

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Power pose, dammit


This is just a reminder that your body language controls the way you feel, which often determines how you act. To feel powerful, adopt powerful body language and hold it for a while.

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Voluntarily underage


When I was in charge of a floor of students in residence at my school, I made them a deal. I was of legal drinking age, but most of my students were not. They seemed to think that that was not fair, and used that as an excuse for why they should be able to drink.

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People misunderstand stoic philosophy. Here’s the core idea: you shouldn’t lose your shit about anything which is out of your control.

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Negativity in the moment


I had an intense shame attack earlier today. I was at an art store buying supplies and I felt out of place and way out of my depth.

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Virtually nobody knows what the fuck they’re talking about. You can read about strategies and techniques all day long and not get any closer to a working life.

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You don't trade LeBron James


When most people get their first big win in the stock market, their first instinct is to lock in their win. This is actually a huge mistake.

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It's for the best


I’m plagued by occasional bouts of regret. A scenario that happened 25 years ago pops into my head and stings. When this happens I literally jump in the air like I’ve been stung by an actual insect. I inhale sharply and sometimes even whimper. I glance around to see if anyone saw it happen, and if they now realize that I’m not as together as I try to pretend.

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It helps a little to know that most people are sort of unsatisfied, most of the time.

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The Future


I try not to think too hard about the future. It will get here when it gets here. Being too nervous about it ruins my life now. Being too excited about it means I stop focusing on the things that are great about my life right now.

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