A moment


Take a deep breath and close your eyes. This is just a moment in time, and it will pass before you even know it.

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Phones bad


It’s becoming fashionable online to make fun of people who suggest that smartphones aren’t a good thing. And because the discussion happens online, people who have the audacity to suggest that smartphones aren’t 100% awesome all day long are mocked with cartoonish disdain. “Durr, phones are bad!” phone supporters slur aggressively, smiling their self-satisfied smiles and patting each other on the back for their cleverness, convincing no one. See? I’m doing it right now, to them. This is what the internet has made of us.

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Difficult patterns


The human brain is an elaborate pattern-finding machine. It enthusiastically looks for patterns in the world which help improve your life.

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Future problems


Jetpacks and nanotechnology will not solve the fundamental problems of the human mind. We will still have uncertainty, conflict, war, ignorance, struggle for meaning, attachment, distraction, and all kinds of suffering.

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Principled habits


I’m a messy person, and deep down I think that’s unacceptable. I want to change. But it’s hard.

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Leverage is a concept which asks “How can I exert more force on this by getting further away from it?”

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