Lottery tickets


I used to like buying lottery tickets. I knew the odds of winning were astronomical, but that was okay; I didn’t spend much on them, and it was fun to dream about what I’d do with the money.

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Do you trust me?


Trust has to be earned. There’s no phrase more disingenuous than “You have to trust me.”

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Lol I left my computer unlocked like an idiot


If you’ve ever worked in an office, at some point you’ve probably walked away from your computer without locking it and had someone send an embarrassing message to everyone. Supposedly people do this to encourage each other to remember to lock their computers when they stand up and walk away.

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Hard days


The painful, difficult-to-accept truth is that some days are harder than others. This will always be true.

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If you feel lazy you may as well roll with it


Laziness is another form of a drive for efficiency. If you’re feeling too lazy to do something, try asking yourself how a lazy person would achieve the same result. Make a whole list. Surprise yourself with your innovation and dedication to not doing something. You might find a better way.

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Trying again


The other day I realized I hadn’t eaten a piece of broccoli from a crudite platter in decades. Literally multiple tens of years. I felt pretty secure in that because I don’t like raw broccoli; everyone knows that.

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How to not let it go


I read a startling idea in Robert Cialdini’s book Pre-Suasion. Studies confirm the obvious fact that elderly people are happier than younger people. A brilliant psychologist has suggested that that’s because happiness is simply more important to the elderly. They value it more highly because they want to make good use of the time they have left, so they learn how to not worry about the stuff that doesn’t matter.

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