Failure isn’t the objective. Success is the objective, and experience is how you get there. The fetishization of failure was never about failing. It was about not being so afraid of failure that you never try, forcing you to miss all chances of gaining experience. That’s a sure way of making success impossible.

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Model behaviour


If you want to know how to change, find someone who made the change you’re interested in and interrogate them mercilessly until you learn their secrets.

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A revolutionary diet


I thought of a great new diet. You can eat whatever you want, but you have to eat it while staring at yourself in a full-length mirror with all your clothes off.

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Easy or hard?


Is it better to do the easy thing first to get momentum, or the hard thing first to get it out of the way?

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Really? Relaxing?


Are you relaxing, or wasting time? It’s a fine line, and you have to keep a careful eye on it.

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Scarcity and writing


I had a great idea for a blog post earlier today. By the time I got to a keyboard I had totally forgotten what it was.

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It's never lupus


One time I was listening sympathetically to a coworker who had a programming problem he couldn’t figure out. He’d tried everything and he was at the end of his rope. “The next thing I’m going to try is reading the source code of the compiler,” he told me.

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