The Joy Paradox


In her Netflix special The Call To Courage, researcher Brené Brown outlines a very useful idea. I can’t remember what she calls it. I don’t even know if it has an actual name, but I’ve been thinking of it as Paradoxical Joy.

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Where is the bar today?


You get to decide where the bar is for you. And you can move it anytime you want - anytime it makes sense. Why not? It’s your bar.

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The artistic cycle


Ed Catmull, who was president of Pixar back in the Toy Story days, has a background in physics and computer science. It seems like an odd fit for one of the most creative movie studios around.

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Fear and excitement


The line between fear and excitement is thin and fragile. It doesn’t take much to break through it.

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KonMari your time


Jason Fried makes a radical suggestion: maybe the solution to time management problems isn’t the traditional approach of organizing, tracking, prioritizing. Maybe the real problem is that you’ve given yourself too much stuff to do, and the best solution is to take things off of your to-do list until there’s enough time in the day.

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Practice empathy


Interviewing for jobs became a different experience after I learned to conduct interviews.

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Care and Feeding


Why don’t they teach you to deal with complicated emotions and hard situations in school?

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Just say no.


It turns out, in my eagerness to be stoic, I was ignoring the problems.

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