Music doesn't solve anything


Listening to music has been shown to help people ignore distracting noise. It’s also been shown to basically turn off the creative part of your brain.

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I’m angry today. I’m not angry about anything. Everything is fine. I’m just angry. I understand that the things I’m angry about aren’t real, but that doesn’t make me any less angry.

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Try to be generous to the people who disagree with you. Be generous to the people who have made mistakes.

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A single broken window


There’s an idea adjacent to the sketchy Parkinson’s Law called the Broken Window theory. The idea is that if a building is allowed to stand with broken windows, it will attract graffiti, squatters, drug dealers and various other forms of crime.

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Mechanical vs. creative


Famous marketer and fasionable glasses afficionado Seth Godin suggests that writer’s block is not really a thing. For one thing nobody even mentioned having writer’s block until 1940, and what the hell is writer’s block anyway? Nobody ever talks about having plumber’s block.

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Brain assistance


When I was young, we had a fair at my elementary school. Some of the older students were hosting a psychic booth. I was young enough to think oh cool, I didn’t know so many people at our school were psychic.

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Carlin's first and second laws


As he signed off at the end of one of his standup specials, George Carlin shouted over the uproarious applause of the audience, saying “Take care of yourself. Take care of yourself. And take care of somebody else.”

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The impostor


It may help to be reminded that all but the craziest of us feel like they’re faking it just to get through the day. It certainly helps me.

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The recognition problem


You spent so much time agonizing over it, and when you actually knuckled down it took like an hour. Was the agony worth it?

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