For the people terrified of the audience


When I was younger, I knew a writer. She read some of my stuff and tried to convince me to submit some of it to a publisher. She told me I had a unique voice and people should hear it.

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And now she will know the truth


When I started to floss regularly, which I’m embarrassed to admit was well into my late 20s, I never did my back molars. They were hard to reach, and I thought “Whatever, they’re way back there and they can just take care of themselves.”

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When you can’t control what happens, you still get to control how you experience it.

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There’s a species of sea turtle which doesn’t age past maturity. They grow up, and then they’re just the same forever. They never die of old age.

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The forever burden


Okay, so it’s hard, right? It’s hard to work out, or get up early, or not drink, or practice for the Olympics, or whatever terrifying ongoing burden you’re carrying right now. It’s hard and it never gets easier.

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Go direct


Taking the most direct path is at least worth a try. It might not work, but who’s going to fault you for trying the most direct path? And hey, sometimes the obvious thing is the best.

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A sensible explanation


I had a flight recently, so on my way to the airport, I had some electrolyte powder to keep me hydrated on the plane.

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