Little celebrations


Light a candle, sleep in, take a bath, have a glass of really, really cold lemonade, pump your fist, go for a drive, eat at a restaurant. Smile, and be goofy about it. You did it. Enjoy yourself.

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Superintelligent AI


Are you worried about the threat of AI? If so, you can calm down. A superintelligent AI poses about as much threat to humanity as an asteroid hitting the planet at light speed.

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Creative computers


Computers are terrible at randomness. You can program them to behave randomly, but they’re not any good at it. Most computer randomness is a simulation, a simple equation which looks random, but only if you don’t look too carefully.

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The measure of success


Your measure of success informs a lot about how satisfied you feel with your life. It’s 100% within your power to choose your own measure. Most people don’t bother. They’ll stick with the measure that everyone else around them has picked.

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The tradeoff


You may get more done if you’re a dick about it. But is being a dick all the time a tradeoff you’re willing to make? Remember, you have to spend an awful lot of time with yourself. It’s not worth being a person who isn’t fun to be around.

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Aluminum tabs and armchair charity


Nobody in history has ever exchanged any number of aluminum can tabs for anything of value. Urban legend tells us they can be exchanged for wheelchairs or cancer treatment, but it’s mysteriously hard to find someone who has actually made that exchange.

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