The gift you give others


The difference between a person who listens and a person who doesn’t is not a minor thing. It’s like the difference between a well-tuned car and a creaky bicycle. It’s the difference between surgically precise intervention and hitting it with a hammer.

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The key is balance


There’s almost never anything to be gained by becoming too emotionally involved. Having emotions is part of the deal, but they don’t exactly help you think rationally.

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Oh evolution, you silly thing


If an article about self-improvement mentions evolution, nine times out of ten it’s to point out how badly the process has screwed modern humans. It equipped us with stone-aged emotions and instincts, pattern recognition so indiscriminate that it’s usually wrong yet so compelling that it’s impossible to ignore, and built-in cognitive and social biases that we’re constantly fighting against.

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Lesser of two evils


Never assume someone has understood you when you’ve said something once. If it’s something important, say it again and again, in different ways, and get them to say it back to you until you’re sure they understood.

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You've changed


You’re different today than you were yesterday. Not very different, maybe, but things have certainly changed. Today is not the same as yesterday, and yesterday will never happen again.

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Too serious


Never trust anyone who’s too serious all the time. And if that’s you, try to lighten up. Come on, you only get one shot at life, you may as well laugh as much as possible.

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What kind of day is it?


What kind of day is today? Is it a day for resting and recovering? A day for working and making progress? A day for relationships, a day for joy, a day for honesty, a day for hiding?

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It's in the mail


I recently heard someone use the expression “It’s in the mail” to describe something that was going to happen eventually anyway, so you may as well get it over with.

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The hard one


Try to be sympathetic to your past self. You haven’t always had it easy.

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