Finding meaning


In the intense but very important book Man’s Search for Meaning, psychologist Viktor Frankl suggests that a key factor to human mental wellbeing is a sense of meaning. There are all kinds of ways to find meaning in life, but if you’ve got nothing else, you can still find meaning in suffering.

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It’s not perfect. Somehow it all ends up being less than you’d hoped. And it happens every time.

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A better life


Hoping for a better life, or trying to create it for yourself, sort of implies an ability to see the future. If you can’t fully predict the consequences of your actions, you actually have no idea whether what you’re doing will make things better or worse.

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Wabi-sabi is a Japanese concept that things become more beautiful through imperfection.

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Human connection


It’s been demonstrated that prayer helps people recover more quickly from sickness and injury, but only when the person recovering knows that someone is praying for them.

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A moment


Take a deep breath and close your eyes. This is just a moment in time, and it will pass before you even know it.

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Phones bad


It’s becoming fashionable online to make fun of people who suggest that smartphones aren’t a good thing. And because the discussion happens online, people who have the audacity to suggest that smartphones aren’t 100% awesome all day long are mocked with cartoonish disdain. “Durr, phones are bad!” phone supporters slur aggressively, smiling their self-satisfied smiles and patting each other on the back for their cleverness, convincing no one. See? I’m doing it right now, to them. This is what the internet has made of us.

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Difficult patterns


The human brain is an elaborate pattern-finding machine. It enthusiastically looks for patterns in the world which help improve your life.

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