Let's face it, you're probably overdue


Just spitballing here, not that I know you or your situation, but by any chance is this a good day to go to bed early? Why don’t you set yourself a cool down alarm now so you don’t forget, and when it goes off, put your phone in another room, crawl under the covers and close your eyes. Breathe deeply until you fall asleep. It’ll be great!

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The tiny losses


There are certain things where, once you feel something, you have already lost. The other person’s objective is to make you feel a certain way, and once you do, it’s all over.

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Please, just listen


I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone I just met didn’t bother to listen to me, and then wondered later why I wasn’t going out of my way to fully express myself to them. If you ignore someone once, you’re going to have to work like hell to get the truth out of them ever again. You will have to work. They won’t do it for you.

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Just barely not falling asleep


Think of that feeling you have right before you fall asleep. Your eyes are closed, your mind is drifting, and you can just barely start to feel your consciousness start to slip away.

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I'll never forget that voice


When I was a child, I was terrified of the phone. Often when I made a call, everything was fine. I’d dial, the other person would pick up, and I’d talk to them and then hang up.

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Being vulnerable means saying what you really feel. It means putting it out there and doing your best to explain, even though no one may ever understand. It means sometimes you get something you didn’t want.

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A better question


“Whose fault is this?” is usually not a good question to ask. Instead, try “How can we keep this from happening again?”

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