In ancient Rome, when a general would win a war or whatever and be paraded through the streets, they would pay a guy to follow the general around and whisper in his ear “Remember: you’re going to die.”

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Let it be what it is


The surest path to creativity is to release your inner standards and just accept whatever comes. That’s why creativity is so often associated with drugs. It helps people turn off their censors and just be at peace with who they are.

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Knowledge without understanding


I’m bad at trusting my gut, but I’m trying to get better. When your gut tells you it’s all too familiar, you’ve seen it before and you know how it’s going to turn out, well. That’s a message from the supercharged pattern matching subconscious part of your brain, and that’s always worth listening to. It’s a gift. Ignoring it would be a shame.

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I forgot to do laundry today and I’m angry at myself. Can you imagine that? What a bizzarre way to feel.

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Feeling the truth


I believe in objective truth. But I believe even more that the truth is more or less unknowable. And even more than that I believe that the truth is unfeelable.

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Just upset


I was watching a show where a man and woman were having an argument. The woman was trying to explain that something which had happened was not a big deal.

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The Olympics, the World Series, the Stanley Cup, the Superbowl, the World Cup. People train their whole lives for the chance to compete. A lifetime of physical and mental exertion and it all comes down to one day - to a few minutes. You wake up and know that by breakfast tomorrow it will all be over. Today is subtly different from all the days that have come before.

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The writeoff


Sometimes it’s a writeoff, and the best thing to do is just to start over.

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