Less direct, still counts


There are a million paths to the goal. There always are. Some are obvious, but some are not. If you’re having trouble, maybe you can find a way around.

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Positive reinforcement


I tell the dog he’s a good dog about thirty times a day. Even when he’s just sitting there doing nothing, I still tell him how good a job he’s doing.

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Pretending to know what you’re doing is indistinguishable from actually knowing what you’re doing far more often than it has any right to be.

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The brain is a machine for pattern recognition


I worked at a place once where the doorknob shocked me about half the time. There was some kind of static buildup in the door knob or the carpet or whatever, and when I went to go in it would often discharge itself harmlessly, and almost-but-not-quite-painlessly, into my unsuspecting hand.

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Let's face it, you're probably overdue


Just spitballing here, not that I know you or your situation, but by any chance is this a good day to go to bed early? Why don’t you set yourself a cool down alarm now so you don’t forget, and when it goes off, put your phone in another room, crawl under the covers and close your eyes. Breathe deeply until you fall asleep. It’ll be great!

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The tiny losses


There are certain things where, once you feel something, you have already lost. The other person’s objective is to make you feel a certain way, and once you do, it’s all over.

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