Useless feedback


When you walk past a house with a dog in it and the dog starts to bark at you, you don’t take it personally. You don’t gasp and recoil and press your hand to your chest and say “Me?! But I love dogs! How could you bark at me?”

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Peace in hard times


You can find peace in the strangest moments. Pain, anger, disappointment and frustration can’t take it from you. It’s always there for you. It’s been there all along. It will never leave you. All you have to do is remember, and go looking for it.

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You come first


Sometimes the best thing to do is just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and forget about everyone else. Put your own oxygen mask on and let them worry about themselves.

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Things which are


Everything which exists eventually stops existing. This is a truth so basic that it’s literally written into the laws of physics.

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Advice is often worth testing, but reserve judgement on whether it’s really worthwhile until you see how it goes.

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The minutia


Be sure you’re focusing on the things that matter. Organizing the minutia can be valuable, but it should either be the thing you’re the best at, or something you let lapse entirely.

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Win by default


It feels better to triumph over a long struggle than to win by default. But that means that you have to deal with the long struggle first.

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But it's not working


Maybe you want it to happen. Maybe you’ve tried and it’s not happening. Okay. Does it have to happen today? Maybe you need to be a slightly different person before it will work. Maybe you have something to learn first.

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The creativity multiplier


As a factor in creativity, I think being around the right people is underappreciated. Being around people who inspire you, who believe in you, who are creative themselves, and who click with you personally is a multiplying factor in any creative endeavour.

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