Earn it


Today, try to be the person your dog believes you are. That’s a tall order! But just try. They believe you can do it. Who are you to say they’re wrong?

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The veneer


It took a long time before I realized that construction is a two-step process. It’s not about building something which looks good. That’s way too hard and takes too long. It’s about building something which serves its purpose in the simplest way possible, then building the simplest possible layer on top which can make it look good.

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The process


When I get down to really focused work, I mutter like a madman. I stare into the middle distance and mouth arcane syllables. If I’m really into it I start making inscrutable hand gestures. To a bystander it looks a little like I’m performing a ritual, or sending a nefarious secret message to a nearby invisible warlock.

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Go ahead and say it


When I was a kid, I was very shy. I remember being at a party with a friend of mine and a few other kids I wasn’t close with. They were all making dumb, kid-type jokes with each other about some subject, who even remembers. Farts, probably. I was saying nothing because I was convinced I had nothing to contribute.

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At least it's explained


Bees don’t know how to make hexagons. When bees make honeycomb, they stand in one place and spin around in a circle building up a wall of wax around them. The surprisingly precise hexagons happen because that’s the shape a bunch of circles made of wax turn into when you smoosh them all together as tightly as possible.

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