One step at a time


These are uncertain times. Compared to most times in history, the future is much less clear than it has been. Even the future ten years down the road is pretty unclear. In the time between me drafting this post and publishing it, even two months has started to look pretty hazy.

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Fresh take


How can you give a fresh take on something everyone else is saying? What unique perspectives can you offer that you don’t hear enough of?

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Go looking


I promise you, you don’t know yourself so well that you’ll never be surprised. Some people spend their whole lives examining the infinite depth of surprise within their own minds, and they never get to the bottom. You won’t either.

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True enlightenment


It is a fundamental rule of the universe that you cannot convince someone that they’re wrong about something by arguing with them about it on the internet.

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A day off


How do you feel about having a day off from your regular life?

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Nobody’s life is problem-free. That’s the weird thing. It seems like we’ll be happy if we just fix the problems. But that never happens, and you can spend your whole life trying and never get any closer.

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Flawed argument


The dalai lama readily admits that the best reason to help others is because it makes the world a better place for you to live.

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