Calm in a crisis


People who can stay calm and level-headed when things go wrong stand out. They stand out because it’s so hard to do. It’s not just one of the key attributes of good leadership - it’s pretty much enough on its own.

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Sooner than later


What skills can you develop today which will benefit you for the rest of your life? Negotiation, psychology, empathy, influence, confidence, discipline, cooking, writing, debate and generosity are all things which will pay dividends for years to come. That means there’s a huge return on investment for working on them now.

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Here's to 366 days


It was exactly one year ago today that I started this blog. I wrote the first three drafts of posts, and published them three days later.

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Reacting to reality


In the face of a devastating reality, remember that reality isn’t actually devastating. It can’t be. It just is. It’s a situation, nothing more.

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Work through dissatisfaction


Producing something that you’re dissatisfied with isn’t a problem. It’s a sign of a direction to grow in. Everyone experiences it, because everyone has room to grow.

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Rolling the dice


Sometimes the best thing to do is just roll the dice. Hey, sometimes you win, right? And if you lose, you can hardly be upset at losing a dice roll.

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Old grudges


Are you holding a grudge about anything? Maybe toward someone you don’t even speak to anymore, and never see? Maybe when you think about it you get that feeling in your stomach like it just happened all over again.

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From the stomach


Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Focus on how it feels to take a breath from your stomach instead of your chest.

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