Calming images


Wildflowers in a gentle breeze. Curious kittens exploring a room they’ve never seen before. Warm honey being decanted into a jar. Fresh snowfall in the middle of the night. Having a very hot shower and then climbing under the covers. A dog sleeping on its back. Watching the waves for hours. Taking off your shoes after a long, hard day. A cold drink and a warm day and a meal on the grill. The pattern the wind leaves in the sand. Coming home, after a long time away.

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True power


A person is powerful in proportion to the things they don’t have to care about.

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A once in a lifetime opportunity


During the current isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a lot of sentiment going around on social media which says if you aren’t doing all the things now which you never had time for before, your problem was never that you didn’t have enough time.

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Something new


It’s amazing how a new perspective can change things. Even something you’ve seen a thousand times before can look different from a new angle, or more closely. Or from a new state of mind. You can see something new every day, even in places you spend a lot of time.

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Occam's razor


There’s a logical fallacy called Appeal To Authority. It means that your whole argument is resting on the opinion of one person who may or may not be an authority in the field in question.

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Market maker


There is economic value in making sure tthings move efficiently from point A to point B. Without the person in the middle, the people at point A and the people at point B may just be standing around twiddling their thumbs.

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Give it time


Tiny things add up. That’s why persistence goes such a long way. Unfortunately it feels in the moment like nothing is happening, but give it time and don’t give up. You’ll get there, I promise.

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Easy stuff last


Have the courage to do the hard part first. It’ll be nice to have some easy stuff left over to do at the end.

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