Senseless goals


Your goals and aspirations don’t have to make sense to anyone else. They don’t even have to make perfect sense to you. Some things are more important to feel than to understand.

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Consequences happen for a reason. Positive consequences happen to show us that something is good, so what we did can be reinforced. Negative consequences happen to push us away from certain behaviours.

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If it never feels like enough, you might have to start working on some criteria which don’t depend on how you feel.

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No substitutes


One of my favourite examples of Tony Robbins doing his normal inspirational thing is when he asks people how long they’ll try to teach their kid to walk before they just accept that it isn’t going to happen and give up.

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Permission to quit


When it’s not working, you might still need permission to quit. It’s hard to feel okay about it after putting in so much work.

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Happy, no matter what


Can you learn to feel happy, no matter what happens? No really, I mean, is that possible? People say that it is, and it sounds like magic.

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Toward the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown, a few celebrities posted about how hard it was for them to be in quarantine. That didn’t go over well at all. “Oh yeah, it must be so hard to be locked up with your staff in your ten million dollar mansion,” people said. “Why don’t you deal with your isolation by watching a few movies in your literal movie theatre, or relax for a few hours in one of your many natural stone hot tubs?”

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More than you're ready for


It’s almost never a good idea to take on more than you’re ready for. But you might find that it’s really hard to know exactly what you are and aren’t ready for.

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Connect with a stranger


It’s funny the opportunities you can find to connect with a stranger. All it takes is one small thing in common. But you have to be the one to look for it, and you have to be the first one to meet them halfway.

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