Just barely not falling asleep


Think of that feeling you have right before you fall asleep. Your eyes are closed, your mind is drifting, and you can just barely start to feel your consciousness start to slip away.

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I'll never forget that voice


When I was a child, I was terrified of the phone. Often when I made a call, everything was fine. I’d dial, the other person would pick up, and I’d talk to them and then hang up.

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Being vulnerable means saying what you really feel. It means putting it out there and doing your best to explain, even though no one may ever understand. It means sometimes you get something you didn’t want.

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A better question


“Whose fault is this?” is usually not a good question to ask. Instead, try “How can we keep this from happening again?”

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Gifts to yourself


Whenever I come across something that I should have done, but I can’t remember whether I actually did it, I’ve started saying to myself “Am I about to receive a gift from my past self?!”

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Considering the worst


In what ways would your worst-case scenario not be as bad as it sounds? What possible results could mitigate or compensate for it?

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