It only takes one


When I think about improving myself, I think back to someone I knew. He would make fun of people who were always trying to improve themselves. It all seemed so pointless to him. It seemed like they were going nowhere. Always trying new stuff, when the last thing hadn’t worked.

He never said anything to their face, of course. Always when he could do it quietly and secretly.

What do you want them to do, I wanted to ask? Stop trying new things? Accept the way things are and let them stay that way forever? Give up and not try to improve?

I didn’t ask. I knew what he’d say. But then his negativity took up residence in my head, and still echoes there to this day, trying to convince me that it’s all pointless, and reminding me that some people are noticing, out there in the shadows quietly judging me, and never saying anything to my face.

Well fuck ‘em. I’ll fail as many times as I have to.