The bravery of a tiny dog


Nothing says bravery like a tiny dog barking at a horse.

The dog is under no illusions. It knows it’s in danger. It knows it doesn’t really stand a chance against a horse in a fight. It doesn’t matter. It’s beside the point. Aeons of evolution have taught it that the fight will never happen, as long as it seems to be scary enough. All it has to do to win is be brave.

And that’s true. But on the other hand, most of the time a dog barks at a horse, the bravery is unnecessary. The dog isn’t in any danger and neither is anyone or anything the dog cares about. The horse has other things on its mind. The dog’s bravery, while sincere, is misplaced. It has fundamentally misjudged the situation and what’s at stake.

Here’s the question: Is it worth being brave anyway?