It blows in like a storm. And suddenly - or was it gradually? - you’re out of control again. The world does its own thing, makes its own decisions, it doesn’t consult you or even think about how you feel, and then it’s done. You’re powerless.

It’s more important than ever when you feel that way to remember what you can control and what you can’t. The fact is, there’s a lot you can’t control. And what you can control won’t feel like much. It may not feel like enough.

But let’s be pratical here - it’s all you’ve got. It’s all any of us have. It’s all there is. You can shake your fist at the sky until you collapse and it won’t change a thing. It’ll only make you feel more powerless, feeding back onto itself and making your problems worse.

If it’s happening again, that means it’s happened before, right? That means you got out of it before, right? It passed. You learned, endured and overcame. You will this time too. You’ll find the key. You’re more powerful than you know.