The source of violent protest


I support the Black Lives Matter protests currently sweeping the world. I don’t support violence or looting, and neither does anyone I know. But I understand where it’s coming from.

“That sounds an awful lot like support!” people are screaming. It isn’t. See, people behave weirdly when they’re pushed to extremes. There’s no one more dangerous or less predictable than someone with nothing to live for. Or someone who has no hope left.

That actually makes it pretty simple to explain. If justice is impossible, some people will behave unjustly. A toddler could explain it to you. When people are treated unfairly, some people will stop playing fair.

I don’t agree with or condone anyone’s decision to behave violently. But to focus on those aspects of the protests is a distraction. If everyone had had equal access to justice in the first place, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

The solution is clear.