Learning about ourselves


Why do babies cry when they’re tired? Why not just go to sleep? It’s not like they have anything else to do. They can just fall asleep whenever.

Nobody knows for sure since babies can’t talk, but one idea is that babies simply have no context for the experience of being tired. They can’t tell the difference between any kind of exhaustion, hunger, discomfort, pain and danger. All they know is something is wrong. So they yell, because yelling for help is the only problem solving method babies know how to use.

Eventually they learn that being tired is a distinct kind of discomfort and that it has its own, easy solution that they can use on their own, pretty much anytime.

Hah! Babies, right? So ignorant of their own feelings. Hey, have you ever been really worked up about something, and then had some sleep and felt fine about it? Or maybe you had something to eat and then suddenly realized you were being a jerk?

Babies don’t exactly have it all figured out. But let’s not be too quick to judge.