Guide to change


I had an argument with a guy the other day. We were talking about rebuilding something big. He said we should start by tackling all the big, important stuff that everyone relies on. I told him that would never fly. I don’t even have to know anything about the thing we’re rebuilding to know that. It’s got nothing to do with the thing we’re changing, it’s a principle of change itself. Ripping out the foundation is almost never the right place to start.

It’s going to start small. It’s going to start at the edges. Different pieces need to be able to change at their own pace. There should be as few dependencies lined up as possible, and we should avoid creating new ones at all costs.

Make it possible for each piece to change independently of each other. Then make it easy. Then make doing the right thing easier than doing the wrong thing. Then change will happen on its own, like magic.

Don’t push. Guide.