I mean, what are we even talking about?


I recently had to work all weekend to figure out an issue at work. I was 100% zombified for the next four days. I had to take a four day weekend to get my groove back.

Another guy who worked on the same issue later described it as “fun” and “interesting”. When I suggested he should take some time off like I had, he said he’d think about it. It was clear that he won’t.

Does that say something about me? Am I lazy and uninspired? Does it say something about him? Is he a workaholic who defines himself by his job, and isn’t happy when he isn’t doing it? Does it say something about our individual circumstances, or the circumstances surrounding the particular event? Is it worth learning something from, or is it just a thing that happened and now we can all move on?

It’s impossible to know from just one example. But it’s also impossible to know without defining terms like “lazy”, “uninspired” and “workaholic”.

If you’re trying to define yourself or others, are you using precise enough definititions? Do you have enough evidence to make conclusions?