Obviously crazy


When I was at university, some friends were having a conversation about how there were no climbing gyms in town. “We should start one,” one guy said.

I laughed, because it seemed like he was serious. “That’s crazy. You can’t start a climbing gym.”

He looked surprised. “Why not?” he asked.

I had no good answer. I’m sure I said something, but I’m equally sure that it was complete nonsense. When I remember it now, I always want to lean in and say “You’re right. Why do I feel like that’s impossible and crazy?” I want him to explain it to me.

The things that seem obviously true to you - do other people feel the same way? Have you tried to explain them to someone in a way that would make sense to them? If not, are you sure you’ve landed on the truth? Is it possible they might be on to something you don’t understand yet?