Things which are


Everything which exists eventually stops existing. This is a truth so basic that it’s literally written into the laws of physics.

And yet it’s totally contrary to what life wants. We, as living beings, have huge trouble with the idea that things which are today, will eventually not be. Someday they’ll just be a memory, and then that will stop existing too and there will just be dust and rocks, and then those will stop existing too and there will just be atoms, and then just energy, and then a weird timelessness which is impossible to understand.

But maybe it’s not weird in and of itself. Maybe it’s only weird when you try to understand it. Science doesn’t care what you think, and it doesn’t care if you understand. When you drop something, it heads for the ground whether you understand it or not.

The world doesn’t really need us to interact with it at all. It just is. And things which are are beautiful. At least for now.