The Olympics, the World Series, the Stanley Cup, the Superbowl, the World Cup. People train their whole lives for the chance to compete. A lifetime of physical and mental exertion and it all comes down to one day - to a few minutes. You wake up and know that by breakfast tomorrow it will all be over. Today is subtly different from all the days that have come before.

And then it is over. You do your thing along with everyone else, there’s drama, winners and losers, trophies get handed out and everyone goes home. Winners and losers alike face the minutes after, and then the days and weeks after. What then?

The more significant the peak, the harder it is to come back down. The best thing, though it sounds counterintuitive, is to not go so far up in the first place.

On the big day, I hope you realize that today is not subtly different from all the other days. You may find, on the day after, that today is subtly the same.