The ultimate lifehack to becoming a better person


When I was young and would go to a job interview, I would get way too attached. Would they like me? Would I get the job? I felt powerless waiting around to be decided on. It was uncomfortable every time.

So I figured out a strategy. When I got home from an interview, I would go online right away and apply for another job. It put the power back in my hands. Now the decision wasn’t just theirs anymore. I was doing what I could to keep my options open.

This kind of if-then strategy works for all sorts of stuff. Don’t think you reach out to people enough? Need a reminder? Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while every time someone reaches out to you. They’ll never know you needed a reminder. They’ll just appreciate your thoughtfulness.

In fact, anytime you see someone doing something that you admire, why not turn around and do it yourself?