A lesson I learned from shaving


A couple years ago I learned to shave with a safety razor. I decided I like it better than a cartridge razor because it’s more tactile, not to mention more dangerous, which makes me feel like a badass. But it has a subtler advantage as well.

Without the cartridge keeping you safe, it’s way easier to cut yourself. It’s easy to avoid getting cut if you go slowly, take your time, and focus on what you’re doing. But I’ve discovered that more often than I expected, that’s impossible.

If I’m distracted, in a hurry, or upset about something, it’s an absolute horror show. It’s amazing how often I cut myself, tsk at my carelessness, go back to shaving and immediately cut myself again.

In other words, shaving has become a useful indicator of how I’m feeling, and by extension, what kind of day I’m going to have. Bad shaves correlate with bad days far better than you’d expect. That’s true even when I’m not aware anything is wrong. If I have a bad shave, it’s a good bet I’ve got something that needs to be resolved.

Is there something you do that reflects your mood in your life?