The Reminder


I’m going to get a custom plaque made. I’m going to spend $200-400 on it. It will be hand-crafted from Black Walnut or Northern Expensive Hardwood or some other really fancy material. It will be inlaid with gold leaf, but like in a tasteful way. I will hang it all by itself on the wall which I look at the most on those days where I think to myself “When did I lose control? How did I get it all so wrong?”

Carved into my wonderful plaque, in a fanciful script which encourages you to meditate on its lines and contours, will be the words “It’s because you stopped exercising.”

Life is easier in every way when I exercise. My mission for the next year is to hammer that message into my head to try not to forget again.

Next time you see me, ask when my last workout was. If it was more than 24 hours ago, please take me by the shoulders and shake me until I start to exercise, right then and there.