Scarcity and writing


I had a great idea for a blog post earlier today. By the time I got to a keyboard I had totally forgotten what it was.

This has happened to all writers. Everyone hates it. Before cellphones enabled notes-to-self with zero notice or planning, writers would tell the-one-that-got-away stories about the terrible circumstances where they’d forgotten amazing ideas, or the heroic lengths they’d gone to to preserve them.

Well I had my cellphone, and I didn’t take a note to myself, and I forgot what I was going to write. Now that idea is gone forever.

Oh well! Not preserving every thought I ever have for a good blog post is only scary in some hypothetical world where ideas are finite. There will be more ideas as long as I’m still willing to sit down and write them. Even if it was an incredible post that would have become my finest creation, that’s still okay. There will be other great posts too.

Ideas are not a limited resource. You will never run out.