How to paint a waterfall


It’s fun to watch Bob Ross paint a waterfall.

“Here it comes,” he says, as he runs his brush over the flat part of the stream. And then, “Pshooooo!” - he makes a little sound like water falling over a rock as he flicks his wrist, painting a perfect little waterfall.

“You have to make those little noises,” he advises you with a smile in his voice, “or it won’t work.”

Which is a silly thing to say, and of course I don’t take it seriously. But then I thought back to learning martial arts, where they teach you that when you punch something, if you want to make sure that you punch it as hard as you can, you have to yell while you do it. This is easy to test and remarkably it turns out to be true. You literally hit harder when you yell.

What else is there that gets easier if you make just the right noise? What other weird body tricks are still waiting for us to discover?