Lottery tickets


I used to like buying lottery tickets. I knew the odds of winning were astronomical, but that was okay; I didn’t spend much on them, and it was fun to dream about what I’d do with the money.

But I’ve found that as time goes on, that fantasy is less and less fun. I used to daydream about all sorts of impractical shit that would never have made me happy. But here and now, I find that I don’t need much more than I have. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I probably wouldn’t change much. The things I did change probably wouldn’t make me any happier.

Is that a factor of age and experience? Is it the accumulation of disappointment from all those lottery tickets that didn’t win finally adding up to teach me a lesson?

I’m not sure it matters. It seems like life is satisfying to the degree that you don’t need more than what you have.