Hey world!


The only animals which evolved to sing are birds (which can fly away if a predator hears them) and whales (which can swim away if a predator hears them). And humans. And birds which can’t fly don’t sing.

Almost no land animals make any unnecessary noise. Singing is something an animal can only only do with a sense of brazen, fate-tempting self-confidence. It says to the world hey, I’m here and I don’t care who knows because I can take care of myself. Bring it on.

Literally. It’s something an animal can only do when it’s perfectly safe, so doing it makes you feel safe and confident and happy.

When I do the dishes, I have inexplicably dark thoughts. I don’t know why, but I don’t like it. To switch it up, I decided to try singing while I do the dishes, and the difference it made was immediate and striking. It makes me suddenly happy. It helps me stay present, and it’s impossible to sing and entertain those dark thoughts at the same time. It crowds them out of my head.

Dancing works too. Just shake your butt a little. Enough to say hey world, here I am. Bring it on.