I used to be a dyed-in-the-wool cynic. I guess deep down I still am, but I try to be better.

The cost is too high. When I started working at being an optimist, my burdens felt lighter. The days felt easier. The future was something I started looking forward to.

There’s a pretty simple logical argument. I think of it this way.

  • If what you believe makes an actual difference in the way things turn out (by whatever mechanism floats your boat), then you should do everything you can to believe that things will turn out great.
  • If what you believe doesn’t make a difference, then you may as well pick the belief that improves your life. You should literally believe whatever makes you feel good. In my experience, it feels best to believe that things will turn out great.

There! Now it’s settled, right? We can all start thinking happy thoughts? Easy as that?