Writing for no audience


It’s interesting writing this blog with no real plan for or expectation of an audience at any point. What am I supposed to write about? What qualifies as a good post, or a bad one? Are there things I should be writing more about, or less? The audience is entirely removed from the feedback loop.

I, of course, am getting exactly what I wanted out of blogging: a tight cycle of writing, editing and publishing. I’m planning how to expand my home-grown blogging software to support larger projects, like books. I’m wondering whether I should be getting some fiction into the mix, or starting a separate site entirely to run the same cycle with short stories.

Writing feels good. The danger at this point is that it feels good, but not good enough, and that I will drop the habit. As I’ve mentioned before, I think I have a broken habit muscle. This is right around the time when I get complacent, and start putting it down.

That means this is exactly the time I need to do something about that.