Too many good options


Everyone knows the feeling of having too many good options. It can be paralyzing, and it can kill all forward progress on any of them. Seven good ideas! Wow! That’s enough to work on a different idea every day of the week.

I find settling on one of the good ideas nearly impossible. As soon as I hit a snag with one good idea, there’s the short-term comfort of another good idea waiting in the wings for me. A quick burst of progress, then I hit a snag, and then it’s on to the next good idea. Or maybe it’s time for a few weeks where I do nothing but beat myself up, feeling incompetent and wondering why I can never finish anything.

I wish I had advice about what to do to fix it. Pick what you’re passionate about. Do what you can’t stop thinking about. Make sure you’re taking bite-sized chunks. Celebrate milestones instead of labeling failures. Work with someone else and trust their opinion over your own. Get a coach. Iterate like your life depends on it.

Good luck. If you solve it, let me know how.