The craziness spectrum


I took a psychology class in which the professor suggested that there was a craziness spectrum (my words, not his).

At one extreme, we can imagine someone who is completely disconnected from the real world. Their actions, feelings and opinions are incomprehensible to everyone else. There’s an easy label for those people: we call them Crazy.

At the other end, we can imagine someone who is 100% grounded all the time. They are perfectly rational and fanatically dedicated to experiencing the real world, and only the real world. They are incapable of imagining anything which can’t really happen. There’s no easy label for those people, but my professor suggested one that I love: No Fun At Parties.

The fact is, being 100% grounded in reality makes you an uninteresting person. The ideal to shoot for is somewhere in the middle. Crazy enough to be interesting, grounded enough to be relatable.

Come to think of it, that describes every good piece of fiction I’ve ever read, watched or heard. A little crazy, a little grounded.