You don't have to kill it


Seth Godin, the patron saint of daily blogging, once pointed out that he’s written over 7,000 posts and not once has it been the thing everyone was talking about that day. His posts simply don’t go viral. He’s okay with that, because that’s not what they’re for. They’re for his audience, not for everyone. The value to his audience is in his consistent willingness to share. The value doesn’t explode, it builds up over time.

That was a surprising and liberating thing for me to hear. An amazing post is certainly valuable. But maybe there are other kinds of value. The value of tidying up a bit, polishing the finish, or watering the plants. Small value that only becomes clear when it’s done consistently.

It takes the pressure off of your actions today. You don’t have to knock it out of the park every time you step up to bat. As long as you always step up to the plate.